VOCAB Communications can help your company or personal brand stand out from the rest. It has become harder and harder for brands to distinguish themselves among today’s “brand pollution.” Our VOCAB Communications team is proud to say we move with the trends within multiple industries.

With VOCAB Communications’ diverse team of professional personalities, we can relate to your clients' target audience. We understand how the audience thinks, operates and how to reach them with maximum results.

Our internal values are comprised of many different tactics or techniques that VOCAB Communications prides itself on while working on a client's campaign. These elements consist of:

Attention to detail  

Solid media relationships Passion & compassion on every campaign we work on
Honesty & loyalty Open communication Creative thinking
  Media measurement accuracy








Chrissy Newton helps companies and personal brands stand out from the rest. While moving with the trends within multiple industries, she creates distinct, permeating, and lasting relationships for each of her clients. Chrissy consistently brings a unique vision to everything she touches. She not only represents companies and assists in business development, she also creating outlets for companies to showcase their products and services.  Chrissy's truly believes in the brands and the people behind the brands she works with. She inspires her clients to go the extra mile to do good for the city while expanding their own brands.

Kasserine Nifras

Kasserine recently completed a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations – Corporate Communications from Seneca College. She also has a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management and a Bachelors in Biology. Born in the Philippines, Kasserine moved to Toronto to pursue her passion for Public Relations. With a variety of backgrounds and interests, Kasserine especially looks forward to exploring what PR can do to tell a brand’s story and relay their message. In her spare time, she loves reading books and visiting Toronto’s must-see places.

Chanel Herbert

Chanel graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber with an undergraduate degree in Media Communications. She always loved the idea of storytelling, whether it be through spoken word poetry or theatre, and later fell in love with idea to use her creative juices to help brands share their own stories. Before graduating, Chanel was an intern at Shine Influencers, where she learned how to work with social media influencers and the power they have in transforming brand campaigns. Now, as VOCAB Communication’s newest intern, she is learning more about the exciting world of entertainment and publicity. In her spare time, she enjoys taking her camera out to capture the beauty of the world, shopping (to feed her love of fashion), and of course watching Netflix.


Office Mascot

Amanda Triumbari

Amanda is the newest edition to the VOCAB family. She completed her undergraduate degree in communications and sociology at Wilfrid Laurier university. Driven by her interests in communications Amanda obtained her post-graduate certificate in public relations at Humber College. Amanda’s curiosity lays within the social media realm. Amanda is inspired by a brand’s ability to tell a story via social media. Amanda enjoys winding down with a glass of wine and watching the Toronto Maple Leafs. On the off season you can catch her on rooftop patios throughout the city.