Comedian Trixx Grabs the Cover of NOW Magazine



When I sit down with Frankie “Trixx” Agyemang and tell him I’m happy he’s finally on NOW’s cover, he’s modest at first, saying he’s amped and honoured. Then his eyes light up.

“This should make some comedians happy,” he says, smiling mischievously. “Can’t wait for the Facebook messages afterwards.”

Boom. In less than a minute he’s revealed the kind of brass-balls honesty that makes his stand-up act so funny. This is Trixx the fearless truth-teller, the comic who doesn’t like performing at certain open mics frequented only by other comics who never laugh.

Why not? I ask. Are they bitter?

“Comedians bitter?” he says, his face deadpan. “Never.”

Okay, the guy’s got attitude. It’s there in the snarl or cocky look he sometimes adopts in publicity photos. You can also see it when he crosses a stage to begin his act, even before he picks up the mic, scanning the audience for any sign of dissent. Read More.