Honey Jam 2013 is looking for Canada’s Hottest Female Talents

Honey Jam Canada features a multicultural mix of young female talented artists from across Canada in all genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, country, opera, gospel, dancehall, soul, R&B and jazz.

Between the summer months of June and August, Honey Jam conducts a nation-wide search and showcase of Canada’s hottest emerging female talent. Founded in 1995 by President Ebonnie Rowe, for 18 years this non-profit also provides and advocates for educational and professional development opportunities through a variety of initiatives and programs and is a proud supporter of a female focused charities such as the YWCA. 

The famous Honey Jam alumni include, Nelly Furtado, Jully Black, Anjulie, Reema Major and many more.

For more information about Honey Jam 2013 check out the website.