Holt Renfrew Sets to Unveil New Menswear-Only Store in Toronto

Luxury Brand Holt Renfrew sets to open a brand new menswear- only store in Toronto. The Canadian retail giant is set to open Holt Renfrew Men in downtown Toronto on Wednesday October 1. The luxurious two level location is located right near Holt Renfrew’s Bloor Street location, and the expansion aims to increase the stores network by 40%.
President of Holt Renfrew Mark Derbyshire says the addition of the men’s store is part of their growth plan to change the way people shop, and make the shopping experience a more luxurious one, and
leave customers feeling at ease. Derbyshire adds that the new menswear-only store will decrease the feeling of separate designer shops
within the store, and the items will be presented in a more natural setting which reflects how customers wear clothes in the real world.
Holt Renfrew has announced plans for additional updates to their stores in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto to be complete by 2017. In addition, there will be new stores unveiled in Montreal and Mississauga, Ont. coming in the near future.

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