You’re trying to focus but you can’t help but wonder about the dozens of arrows whistling through the air as they narrowly miss you. You pull back your own arrow and take aim, but that dash to the front lines has winded you and it’s difficult to keep a steady hand. Deep breaths. You’re ready. You draw back your arrow, take aim and let it fly. Crack! Direct hit.

Okay, so maybe all of the arrows are actually padded, and the person you just shot is your friend, and this is actually just a PG version of the Hunger Games; but it’s fun nonetheless.

Archers Arena and it’s 8000 square foot archery tag facility sounds awesome. The price is about $25 per person and it gets you a half hour practice session and an hour in the arena. Once the match begins everyone suddenly lets their inner Katniss Everdeen loose. Alliances are forged, enemies are made, and friendships are broken. But like I said before, it’s fun nonetheless.

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