Your Friday Funny: Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

imageReal estate sales tip: If a potential buyer’s hesitating, offer to throw-in a new pet along with the new house. (Photo credit:

Looking for a good time-waster as you countdown the minutes to the weekend? Then check out It’s exactly what it sounds like: a collection of godawful eye-gougingly ugly and/or inexplicably weird photos that people seem to believe will actually help them sell their homes. You wouldn’t think it’d be so funny, but the combination of the photos together with the commentary make it work – it’s a monument to bad taste.

Despite the name, I think no real estate agents were involved (at least I hope) and the photos were posted by owners trying to sell houses on their own – I can’t believe any actual professional would allow these aesthetic atrocities to occur. If there’s any lesson to be learned here, it’s the simple one that if you’re not sure what you’re doing, hire a pro who does!

– Barton

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