Your Friday Funny: Horrible Clients Edition

Another client request comes in.

We at VOCAB Communications are blessed with an absolutely fabulous list of clients – they’re great businesses led by even better people. Unfortunately, not everyone in the communications world can say the same….

Well, if there’s anything the World Wide Web’s good for, it’s anonymous venting (fully justified venting, that is). ClientsFromHell.Net is where designers can blow-off steam by sharing client horror stories. Dumb remarks, perverse requests, or just plain wacky behaviour – if a client said/did it, it’s on ClientsFromHell.Net. Surreal exchanges straight out of Dilbert like:

CLIENT: Why are you taking so long to finish this flyer?
ME: I sent a proof three weeks ago and I never heard back.
CLIENT: Do I really have to sit here and make sure you remind me about what I am supposed to do?

Or such classic one-liners as:

“I want my logo to sort of allude that I have questionable ethics.”

Check it out if you’re looking for a laugh or want to blow-off some steam after yet another frustrating client call. And remember, in communications, it pays to watch what you say or write not just to external audiences, but to internal ones too. Otherwise, your words might end-up entertaining global audiences in ways you never intended.

– Barton

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