We are quickly nearing an age where we will never have to leave our homes. Groceries are delivered to us, Amazon will be sending drones to our doors with whatever we need, and now hair stylists will come to you.

Thanks to the new Toronto start up Cutdle, we can now have our hair done at our convenience in our own homes. Yay! No more missing appointments because of traffic!

Much like the popular app Uber, Cutdle acts as a platform that connects stylists with customers and books an appointment without the need for a salon space.

The prices are pretty standard, ranging from $15 to $50. Colouring starts at $45 and rises based on the nature of the work required. You also pay for the cut at the same time as you book the appointment to ensure there are no surprises when the stylists arrives.

(Original Source: BlogTO)

Try it out yourself at http://www.cutdle.com/

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