Twitter: Constantly Evolving

Rather than a platform for you to share your life with the world, Twitter may become more of a tool for customer service. I remember when Twitter first came around; Solely used to just let your friends, and the rest of the world know what you were doing. It was also a way to keep up with the lives of those you admire. But then it slowly became a place for catching up on news. In fact, I always turn to twitter for news these days. But now Twitter, through its Direct Messages (DMs), has become the optimum space for you to receive customer service.

DMs have always been restricted to 140 characters, just like an actual public tweet. Well that has changed. Starting in July, DMs will allow you to have up to 10, 000 characters. A little overkill in my opinion but brand managers are seeing it as a great opportunity.

Now brands can deliver exceptional customer service via Twitter. When they DMs were limited to just 140 characters, it was difficult for a brand to give a customer a proper answer. But now that they have 10, 000 characters to work with in their DMs, brands are more than capable to give their customers informative answers.

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