The Prince has been crowned King

February 20, 2016 was a night to remember as rappers from all across North America gathered to witness one of the best battle raps of the Blackout6IX competition. Rone and Illmaculate went head to head to battle for the title of King of the Dot Blackout6IX champion.

The reigning champ, Illmaculate, was a more than prepared for the battle against rising rapper Rone. The second and third round was the when Illmaculate started the heavy hitting as he was warmed up and ready to conquer but Rone wasn’t going to be beaten so easily. The funny kid with attitude and spunk showed up and blew up the spot with his rhymes and flow. Rone owned the night and proved to all the haters and doubters that he can represent his hometown Philly to the fullest.

By the end of the match it was a unanimous decision that the Prince would be crowned King as Rone slayed the crowd and defeated the ever so smooth Illmaculate. With a 4-1 vote Rone is now the King of the Dot champion and can take his title back home to Philly where his fans are more than excited to welcome the champ home. @_rone 

Photo Credit: King of the Dot/Zach MacPherson

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