“VOCAB is at the top of their game when it comes to PR and communications and I’ve been thrilled to partner with them. Chrissy is the complete package. She’s the perfect combination of professionalism, drive and know-how when it comes to getting our company’s story told in any medium. She understands our business, and our expectations, and always sets out to meet or exceed them in everything she and her team does.”

- Adrienne Finlay, Communications Manager at Alterna Savings

"It was a pleasure to work with Chrissy as we launched our brand. We were able to secure strong and favourable media coverage that helped us introduce our brand and story into the market. Chrissy's leadership was key in making this all happen and helping us accelerate the brand."

-Ian Macdonald, Old Tomorrow Beer

"Working with VOCAB, has been a completely positive experience. Their impact on our brand has been immense and began paying dividends right off the bat,”

- Eric Perez, Co-Founder of Canada Rugby League

“In a day and age where not enough people create their own opportunities and career paths, VOCAB and Chrissy Newton are a wonderful breath of professionalism, hard work, and proof that if you put your mind to it you can build anything,"

- Mark Spicoluk, Former A&R for Universal Music, YTV’s Next Star & Much Music’s disBAND Judge and Founder of Underground Operation and Founder of Cloud Empire.

“VOCAB Communications is our first choice for Public Relations, we believe in quality."

- Tony Trichilo, Co-Founder Gafas Optical Shop

"Chrissy is every client's dream publicist: passionate, organized, a listener and a teacher. Every project I've thrown at her she has fulfilled with the highest level of skill and professionalism. Chrissy is my go-to person and I respect her work ethic and the results garnered from each job”

- Marina Philips, Talent Manager

"VOCAB Communications has been instrumental in the development of Malibu Sugar Skin Spa as a recognized brand, Medical Spa leader and most importantly, a thriving business!! We can't thank the lovely Chrissy Newton and her dedicated team enough, for always bringing it full force at her perfectly executed VOCAB Gifting Lounges. If you are looking to elevate and get your brand in the hands and faces of local and international influencers, look no further."

– Angelo Chaves founder of Malibu Sugar Skin Care

"VOCAB is a pleasure to work with. They have such a great team with committed staff and really know how to execute an organization's mission"

– Co-founder of the The Remix Project, Drex Jancar

"Chrissy orchestrated an amazing lounge for us and took care of all logistics and was the GO TO person. Her staff was perfect and we simply got off the plane from LA with our crew and turned the knob to the Social Media Lodge and it was perfect."

– Founder of RealTV Films from LA, Gordon Vasquez.

"In an overly saturated field of PR and Marketing firms, its nice to know you can still count on a few to gettr' done! Chrissy has always been there to supported our brands, and has participated in more ways than one in their development, an for that we're indebted to her always,”

- George Sully, Co-Founder of Sully Wong & TCHAD Quarterly

“VOCAB Communications is our first choice for Public Relations, we believe in quality."

- Tony Trichilo, Co-Founder Gafas Optical Shop