TEN81 Lifestyle Inc. and Grocery Business Magazine Answer the Question: What Do Millennials Want?

TEN81 Lifestyle Inc., a lifestyle-based marketing, digital and branding agency known for helping brands grow and maintain cultural relevance has partnered up with acclaimed business-to-business publication, Grocery Business to discover What Millennials Want.
Working in partnership with Grocery Business magazine, TEN81 Lifestyle developed an in-depth roundtable discussion with three Millennials and five Marketing Executives from large retail and consumer packaged goods companies. The goal was to create a direct conversation between Millennials and Executives from which new insights could be gained, decoding how this generation eats, shops and interacts with brands. The Executives who joined the panel included: Cheryl Smith, EVP Sales and Marketing, Parmalat Canada, Peter Neal, Co-Owner, Neal Brothers Foods, Paul Del Duca, Former General Manager, Ontario, Sobey’s Canada, and Lisa Zdunich, Director of Business Development, Tree of Life Canada.
The What Millennials Want: The Future of Retail video emphasizes important topics retailers and CPG manufacturers have been contemplating – how do we connect with and understand the shopping habits of a Millennial? As this next generation of shoppers eclipses Boomers and Gen X’ers in spending power by 2017, CEOs and executives are rethinking their strategies on how to authentically reach Millennials. The “What do Millennials Want: The Future of Retail” roundtable discussion and video captures a greater understanding of Millennial lifestyle and shopping habits.
Millennial Roundtable Video Discussion Sections:

  • Basic shopping habits
  • Store choices and preferences
  • Price vs. assortment
  • The importance of experience
  • The convenience factor
  • Health trends
  • Technology and new media
  • Ethnic foods

When TEN81 Lifestyle searched for Millennials to take part in the roundtable, they sought out participants across a range of gender, age, geographic, ethnic and family differences. By curating a cross-section of Millennials with different backgrounds and life experiences, TEN81 Lifestyle and Grocery Business were able to construct a snapshot of Millennials lives on a day-to-day basis.   
Selected Millennials:

  • 26-year-old, single female living in an urban area
  • 32-year-old, married mom living in a suburban area
  • 24-year-old single male living in an urban area

 “Working in partnership with TEN81 Lifestyle and learning more about Millennials’ shopping preferences was an insightful experience,” says Karen James, co-publisher and executive editor of Grocery Business magazine. “Brands and retailers are in a unique place right now where Millennials are inviting them to play a more meaningful role in their lives. It’s an exciting time and we’re looking forward to unveiling these new insights to help brands and retailers better understand this unique generation.”
“This roundtable discussion really got to the meat of the issue, eliminating speculation and creating the opportunity to hear directly from Millennials who will affect the way brands communicate going forward,” says Jesse Jones, president and chief innovation officer of TEN81 Lifestyle Inc. It was refreshing to connect them with the Executives that operate the brands they know and love. The conversation was engaging the Executive group was pleasantly surprised by what they heard.”
What Millennials Want: The Future of Retail video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iASHKNoAUlg

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About Grocery Business Magazine:
Grocery Business magazine is Canada’s premier national grocery publication. With a fresh take on the dynamic CPG and retail industry, the Grocery Business team of publishers and editors is the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. http://grocerybusinessmedia.ca.
About TEN81 Lifestyle Inc.:
TEN81 Lifestyle Inc. helps brands connect with consumers through non-traditional strategies involving lifestyle-based marketing, digital, experiential, and branding initiatives. By leveraging expertise in brand building and the agency’s diverse network of relationships, TEN81 helps brands grow and maintain cultural relevance. Expertise includes brand development, management and awareness, inspirational aspirational marketing, digital, mobile and social media strategy, development, and management; sponsorship strategy and development, lifestyle marketing, and experiential activation. www.TEN81.com.

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