Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation – What Millennials Want

Freud once famously asked in exasperation, “What does a woman want?” Even a genius like the founder of psychoanalysis couldn’t figure women out. Well, flash-forward a century, and replace “Freud” with “marketers” and “women” with “millennials”….

We hear in the media all the time about how difficult businesses find it to connect with millennials (not to mention, how difficult they supposedly are to manage in the workplace). However, a good-faith effort to actually sit-down and find out what your target wants never hurt anyone. On Oct. 8, TEN81 Lifestyle Inc. and the magazine Grocery Business did just that, bringing together three millennials with top retail and packaged-goods execs to discuss their shopping habits and how retail businesses can engage with their generation.

A full article recapping the discussion will be in December’s Grocery Issue and a series of videos featuring key insights and takeaways will be posted in the coming weeks, but for a taste of what’s to come, check out the trailer above.

– Barton

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