Spotlight on Nadia Bashir

imageCommitted, beautiful inside and out, multit-asker and overall team player, our Nadia Bashir from VOCAB Communications is a blooming PR professional in the works.

When I first interviewed Nadia for a intern position at VOCAB, I could tell right from her first sentence explaining past education experience, (she had me at Hello. Hahaha) I know she was going to fit into VOCAB like an old shoe. After our 30-minute interview, I asked Nadia to attend one of VOCAB Communications client events to demonstrate what type of work we do a VOCAB.

That was a test!

I do this with most of my inspiring interns that want to work at VOCAB Communications. I ask them to attend a VOCAB event to see how bad they want it. I need to see the fire, the urge, the feeling that they would do anything for a chance to learn about the profession.

Nadia passed the test with flying colours!

I remember the day clear as yesterday. Nadia showed up after a long day of working at a pervious job and was all smiles. At that point in time when Nadia came over to say hi, I was running around talking to sponsors and getting ready to wrap things up. Now instead of Nadia just looking around and becoming a wallflower, she started up a conversation with the people around her, one of those people being Tony from Gafas Optical Shop.

Ding, Ding! Second test past! PR people are not wallflowers! We make the best out of any situation, generally that means by connecting with others.

Nadia stayed until the end of the night and then asked me if I needed help cleaning up.

Ding, Ding! Third test past! “Full hands in and full hands out” – there is always something that needs to be done at an event.

The following day I sent Nadia an email saying I would love to have her part of the VOCAB Communications team. That was over a year ago now. Since that day Nadia has grown leaps and bounds! No longer being an intern at VOCAB Communications, Nadia is now a coordinator and one of my favorite people to work with (pssst…just don’t tell her that! Heheh).



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