So YouTube is basically becoming the new medium to absorb specialty
TV, and Bell Media has noticed. During a three month effort, Bell has gathered
together an impressive roster of 13 YouTubers to join their new Multi-Channel
Network (MCN). Combine the group of YouTuber’s subscribers and you get a solid
1.4 million. Not bad. But not great either. It sure is nothing compared to the
MCN Maker Studios’ 90 million subscribers. But then again, Maker achieved that
with 55, 000 YouTubers, which is the opposite strategy Bell wants to use.

See, Bell Media wants to see their MCN grow, but only to an
extent. They keep the number small enough so they can still give real opportunities
to all of its affiliates. The true goal here is to be able to use each YouTuber
to further the Much Music experience.

“We were really looking for a
diverse group in terms of interests and background to represent Canadian youth
and the legacy of Much,” said Stockman to Marketing Magazine.

And this is exactly what they’ve achieved. YouTubers
like comedian Jus Reign (500,000 subscribers) and beauty vlogger Melissa Mark
(300,000 subscribers) and musician Dan Talevsky (94,000 subscribers)
have all been signed on. This gives a wide range of entertainment for Bell to
deliver and keeps true to the Much Music vibe.

It’ll be interesting to see what other major players start to
adopt Bell’s strategy. In my opinion this strategy is becoming the way to go.
People don’t care to be told what to like anymore, that is unless they’re told
by someone they trust, insert YouTube personality.

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