Paris Fashion Week 2015 was really really ridiculously good looking this year!

The show made headlines immediately after Zoolander characters Derek and Hansel appeared on the Valentino runway show. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson channeled their male model roles and strutted their stuff to announce the release of Zoolander 2! This is the first promotional stunt for the sequel, due out in February 2016.

Finally…  Blue Steel is back!

Just like they would in the movie, the two delivered the ultimate runway walk-off, but this time wearing custom Valentino, and accompanied by their infamous pouts and lip pursing. They remained in full character throughout the show, with Derek Zoolander appearing in a dark electric blue suit-and-tie ensemble with a navy trenchcoat. Hansel was sporting shaggy long blond locks, strutted in a shiny light blue pajama print outfit with blindingly white sneakers, topped off with an eggshell blue trench coat. So hott right now!

The show ended with Derek stealing an audience member’s phone while he was snapchatting the commotion, and continued down the runway performing his “blue steel” face for viewers. They even filmed behind the scenes footage backstage at the show, including taking selfies with Cara Delevingne and shooting an interview with Vogue’s Anna Wintour using a GoPro camera!

Way to “steel” the show guys.

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