OPINION: Are Retail Stores in Trouble?

Amazon has brought clothes and shoes to their massive Canadian line up of products. You can now expect to find items from brands like Levi’s, French Connection, Timberland and Puma. This my friends, may be the beginning of the end for retail stores.

This year alone has been full of store closures. Look at Sony for example who is closing all retail locations. And don’t forget how Target has retreated back to whence they came.

Will clothing retailers begin to struggle now that Amazon brining 1.5 million clothing items to its online shelfs? Well they may already be in a bad place. In an earlier blog post we mentioned how millennials are starting to settle with sharing and renting things, rather than buying them. It also doesn’t help that Amazon will be addressing the biggest issue people have when shopping for clothes online: the difficulty of returning an item. Amazon will be offering free shipping and free returns on eligible items, making customers less hesitant to purchase something that might not fit.

It’ll be interesting to see how things play out over the next few years. Will retail stores continue to dominate the market or will online businesses like Amazon slowly chip away at their profits.

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