Nuit Blanche 2014 Lights up Toronto Streets

The Toronto arts festival sponsored by Scotia Bank took over downtown Toronto on Saturday October, 4 2014 starting at sundown.  The weather was chilly but hundreds of people came out to see the 130 installations which included performance events, art showings, and much more. Nuit Blanche has been held in the city since 2006. The city said the annual art event had an economic impact of $39.5 million last year and attracted 190,000 visitors to Toronto.

There were definitely a few stand-out art installations that were not to be missed at Nuit Blanche 2014. “Walk Among Worlds” was a piece by Maximo Gonzalez which consisted of 7,000 beach balls that were sprouting out in clusters to resemble the tissue of the human lungs. This piece was not only amazing for spectators to see due to its sheer size, but it also made people think critically, because the beach balls were divided into three sizes which represented the difference in global economies. 

Another piece that was worth a visit at Nuit Blanche was “Holoscenes”. Taking place at Ripley’s Aquarium, performers were captivating to watch as they did every day chores and activities in water tanks as if they were on dry land. This was somewhat of a commentary on how mundane everyday life is, but in an artistic way which was fascinating for the audience.

Nuit Blanche is an annual event in the city of Toronto where art enthusiasts, party goers and anyone that wants to experience something new and cultural in Toronto can take part in. It is a feel-good time with thought provoking pieces, and large art installations that are stunning to see. There were food trucks available serving people after hours. In addition, Toronto transportation such as TTC extended their service hours to accommodate Nuit Blanche, and extra trains were added on GO Transit so everyone could still get home after the event. All in all Nuit Blanche is an amazing event for anyone living in or visiting Toronto to experience something new and exciting.

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