Nature Box: The Snack Delivery Service

Honestly, will we ever have to leave our homes again. It seems our world is gradually, and in some cases quickly, heading to a society that lives off of deliveries. We’ve spoken before about how Amazon now ships millions of articles of clothing right to your doorstep, and how you can even get your haircut in your own home. But there’s more folks.

Let me introduce Nature Box to your lives. Much like grocery delivery services, Nature Box brings you food. But this isn’t fast food or groceries, but instead it’s a box full of snacks. No more trips to the corner store to buy a bag of unhealthy chips.

I just got my first Nature Box delivery and I was pleasantly surprised to see what was inside. My two favourites were the Jalapeno Cashews and the Blueberry Almonds. The spicy cashews were gone in seconds. Serioulsy, seconds. The blueberry taste to the almonds is exactly what I needed to get past the sawdust taste almonds leave in my mouth.

I highly recommend trying Nature Box out yourself. You can grab a one month free trial where they will send you a random assortment of snacks. Once you try them all out you can decide if you would like to continue the snack subscription. Trust me, you love this.

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