“Like a true rockstar, John Orpheus threw his shades into the crowd.” 

So imagine you arrive at the Apollo theatre in Kitchener. Performance and installation art by friends and cast from the film fills the theatre. You go and grab a popcorn and a beer, nice combo by the way, and take your seat in preparation for the film. The lights dim you’re suddenly immersed into a world of police brutality and a publicity stunt that goes horribly wrong. Want to know what went wrong? Well you should’ve been there to see it yourself. VOCAB was! 

So the film ends, you applaud and get ready to go. No wait! Sit back down. John’s headed to the stage. Probably to say thanks right. No! He just jumps into pop/rock concert and the crowd is loving it, and probably spilling a good deal of popcorn too.

John tosses his shades into the crowd like a true rockstar as he jumps to song after song from his album, including an amazing performance of his track “Soul of the City” alongside a violinist. The night is truly one to remember. 

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