He started in Trinidad and Tobago, found his way to Brooklyn for high school, then the Kitchener/Waterloo region for University. Through his journey, John Orpheus was exposed to many forms of music. So it’s no surprise that he started working with local musicians in the KW area. Creating Canadian Top 40 Rock hit ‘This is Not a Test’ and touring Europe alongside Beady Eye are just a couple of John’s accomplishments. But he’s not done yet.

Tomorrow is the debut for the long anticipated film ‘John Orpheus is Dead.’ Guests at the Apollo Cinema will be immersed into a world of both performance and installation art, as well as a John Orpheus pop concert alongside the film.

‘John Orpheus is Dead’ is about pop culture, police brutality, and the power of a good publicity stunt. When a young activist is killed by police, her best friend Valerie sets out to make sure her death is not forgotten.

In comes John Orpheus, a glossy pop-star who represents everything Valerie despises. The film tells the story of the media-fueled collision between Valerie and John Orpheus. As the internet gossip spins out of control, John’s management and Valerie try to spin the media machine to their own causes with tragic results.

Check out the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/53973140

Doors open @ 8:00PM

Film screening @ 9:00PM

Purchase Tickets @ http://bit.ly/1FzNux1 or the Apollo Cinema Box Office

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