Fun ways to break a sweat

 With summer fast approaching us the pressure to feel your
best on at the beach is setting in. However if you’re like some of us in the
office, going to the gym may not be your forte! So why not take a different approach?
Here are some fun ways you can break a sweat while having a ton of fun.

Pursuit OCR

Located north of Dufferin and Queen Pursuit OCR brings recess back with their indoor
playground. Upgrading the average playground, their facility has monkey bars,
rope climbing and an adult size ball pit. Why not relive your childhood while
breaking a sweat?

Surfset Toronto

Surfset Toronto
brings surfing to the city by giving you a full body work out by using real
surfing techniques. Their indoor studio located near Yonge and Eglinton offers
a variety of classes that focus on different areas of the body.

Toronto School for
Circus Arts

Circus Arts gives
you the opportunity to push yourself into doing something different. Located in
Downsview Park, the facility offers flying trapeze classes and drop-ins ranging
in difficulties that will have you one step close to the big top.

Archery District

Archery District
gives you the chance to have your inner Hawkeye come out in a game of archery
tag. Similar to dodge ball, archery tag has players face-off against each other
to tag each other out by hitting each other with their arrows. Don’t worry this
is a no pain game; arrows are foamed tipped allowing for you to safely enjoy
the game!

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is soccer but puts
players into a huge bubble only leaving their legs exposed to kick the ball.
Although this addition to a traditional game makes it more difficult to win, it
also results to some hilarious moments with friends.

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