CN Tower Stands Tall for 37 Years!

imagePicture taken from Vintage Toronto.

Today marks 37 years for the CN Tower! The world’s tallest free-standing structure has been a symbol for Toronto and attracts thousands of visitors every month with over two million a year!

“My favourite memory of the CN Tower is walking on the glass floor. I was petrified of heights and that really freaked me out!” – Chrissy Newton, founder, VOCAB Communications

I remember as a kid when my family used to drive down to Toronto just for fun and every time the car passed by the CN Tower I would be mesmerized! To this day I never get sick of looking at the CN Tower.

After talking to the VOCAB team we decided that we would all do the EdgeWalk one day. Taking our love for the CN Tower and Toronto to higher levels! 

Tweet us at @VOCABComm and tell us your favourite memory of the CN Tower.


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