VOCAB Communications can help your company or personal brand stand out from the rest. It has become harder and harder for brands to distinguish themselves among today’s “brand pollution.” Our VOCAB Communications team is proud to say we move with the trends within multiple industries.

With VOCAB Communications’ diverse team of professional personalities, we can relate to your clients' target audience. We understand how the audience thinks, operates and how to reach them with maximum results.

Our internal values are comprised of many different tactics or techniques that VOCAB Communications prides itself on while working on a client's campaign. These elements consist of:

Attention to detail  

Solid media relationships Passion & compassion on every campaign we work on
Honesty & loyalty Open communication Creative thinking
  Media measurement accuracy








Chrissy Newton helps companies and personal brands stand out from the rest. While moving with the trends within multiple industries, she creates distinct, permeating, and lasting relationships for each of her clients. Chrissy consistently brings a unique vision to everything she touches. She not only represents companies and assists in business development, she also creating outlets for companies to showcase their products and services.  Chrissy's truly believes in the brands and the people behind the brands she works with. She inspires her clients to go the extra mile to do good for the city while expanding their own brands.

Tanya Cruz

Tanya has always loved a good story, which is why she decided to pursue a career that let her tell them. She began in journalism, where she dabbled in TV, radio and online. During her time as a student at Ryerson University, she co-created an award-winning radio show called Pop In For Pop Culture where she hosted and produced weekly segments. Then before graduating in 2014, she interned on the last season of CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. Aside from radio and TV, she also wrote for various lifestyle publications where her work has been featured in Huffington Post Canada, iVillage Canada, 29Secrets, UrbanMoms and more. Today, Tanya now finds herself immersed in the world of PR. Luckily for her, she continues to tell stories that are heard across Canada and beyond – but this time, it’s of the exciting clients she works for.

Emily Dawson

Emily is our newest Account Coordinator at VOCAB. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, she decided to pursue her interest in the dynamic field of PR and enrolled in the Public Relations - Corporate Communications graduate program at Seneca College. Combining her passions of writing, social media, event planning and research, she fell in love with the world of PR! In her spare time, you can usually find her drinking too much coffee, snuggling with her dog or laughing at memes.

Yasmine Saremi

Yasmine is a Professional Communications graduate from Ryerson University. During her time at Ryerson, she also completed a minor in Public Relations and a Certificate in Strategic Marketing. Prior to graduating, she interned at Entertainment Tonight Canada, where she gained notable experience in PR and production. Being one of our newest additions to VOCAB, Yasmine is excited to fully delve into the world of PR. Her passion to make her voice, and the voices of those around her heard, fuels her commitment to her work. You can usually find her stress eating, laughing, or both. There is never a dull moment with Yasmine.


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