5 Tips to Watching a Raptors Game

Fresh off the heels of last night’s win, Toronto Raptors fans are excited about game 4. Here at VOCAB we are huge Raptors fans so we thought we’d share with you tips to make watching the game a better experience. The Raptors face off against the Indiana Pacers today at 3pm and with these 5 quick and easy tips you will be ready to cheer for Lowry in no time!

1. Surround yourself with like minded people

Watching basketball is fun on its own, with the best of the best pulling out all the stops to make their cities proud, but it can be even more fun. Watching the game with your friends and other fans will amp up your energy and make the experience better. One of the best places to watch the game is in Jurassic Park, otherwise known as Maple Leaf Square. Fans flock there every playoff game and although some there may not understand why you prefer Kyle Lowry over Demar DeRozan, or vice-versa; everyone can agree the Raptors are in it to win it!!

2. Show off your Raptors spirit

Similar to why you need to watch Raptors games with fellow fans, you need to show your raptors guide. You can’t feel the excitement of the game if you’re not covered in team spirit, right? Whether you are wearing your Jonas Valanciunas jersey, OVO Raptors gear or even dusting off your retro Vince Carter jersey you know everyone you see will appreciate it. Don’t worry if you don’t have any Raptors gear because wearing the red and black is great too!

3. Watch on a big screen…or many screens

As a Raptor fan it’s important that you’re catching every minute of the game and the best way to do that is to watch the game on the biggest screen possible. It is our duty as Raptor fans to be able to point out if the referees made a bad call, right? Having a big screen, or many screens, helps you point out any fouls the referee might have missed. It also eliminates anyone blocking your view. One of the best spots in the city for a ‘big screen’ or ‘many screen’ experience is The Real Sports Bar. Just get there early it may be crowded with fans like you!

4. Indulge a lot

Nothing says basketball than indulging in the best finger foods out there. Having a nachos and wings as an appetizer, main dish and dessert are the only ways to eat dinner while watching the game!

5. Plan ahead

Whether you are watching the game out at bar or in inviting friends to watch in the comfort of your home, it is very important to plan your night right. Organize designated drivers, a taxi or even have your family and friends sleepover. Make sure that you and your friends are able to safely have fun watching the game.

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