Canada is an emerging hot spot for high-impact female entrepreneurs

Canada is an emerging hot spot for high-impact female entrepreneurs

Millennials and ‘Nownership’

The combination of the recent Great Recession and a build up of student loans have left Millennials in an awkward financial place. Yet prices continue to rise on literally everything. Except maybe phone bills because we all know they just take everything you have at the end of the month, rather than having an actual set price.

To combat these prices, millennials are beginning to turn to a concept called ‘nownership.’ That is to say they are renting items opposed to buying and owning them. Music has been the prime example lately with the hugely successful music rental app Spotify taken the industry by storm. No one wants to buy their favourite artist’s record anymore when they can just pay a small monthly fee and listen all the music they want, where and when they want.

Millennials are quickly applying this renting method to their clothing as well. Start-ups like Rent the Runway and Bag Borrow both let consumers rent items that would normally be too expensive for them to purchase.

There is a whole world of opportunities that traditional retailers are missing out on because they won’t except the young consumers’ new mindset. In fact, it is estimated that there is $100 Billion in unused clothes, tools and other items in the United States alone. This is a huge market for businesses to dive into and cater to the ‘nownership’ attitude millennials have that lead to trading and renting products.

p.s. the one thing millennials do buy and keep is their smartphones. Duh.

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Lol! Poor #Mondays 😂 #MondayFunDay

Rain and mud is usually a good enough reason for people to stay in. Add a chilly wind to that and you’ll find me inside, wrapped in a blanket, roasting marshmallows in an open oven cranked up to the max heat. But not this past weekend. The weather wasn’t great, and the ground was basically quicksand, but that didn’t stop me or any other self-respecting EDM fan from attending the first Ever After Music Festival.

With personal favorites like Zeds Dead and Diplo headlining the two day event, weather just simply wasn’t a factor anymore. 20 world wide renowned DJs took to the massive, elaborate stage. Each of them filled the air with their best tracks as lasers pierced every inch of the sky. The crowd loved it. Over 24,000 guests came out to enjoy the fairy tale themed festival.

It was only the festival’s first year and it’s already proving itself to be a huge success. Next year is sure to be even bigger, and I can’t wait.

Quote of the day! Lol, #PR life 🙂

The wonderful Brickworks Ciderhouse launch event for their Queen Street 501 Cider. Photos courtesy of 

A streetcar. Indigenous to the Toronto concrete jungle, streetcars are best known for their insatiable appetite. The average streetcar can consume over a 1000 humans a day, and have been known to keep eating even when they are obviously full; when this occurs, the streetcar can become rather sluggish, allowing a faster, smaller species called ‘taxis’ a chance to get to the humans first.

Streetcars are solitary predators, sticking to the same hunting grounds for their entire life. One streetcar in particular has claimed a rather large territory. We call it the ‘Queen 501.’ A standard sized Queen 501 roams back and forth through eight human neighborhoods, consuming everyone in its path.

To pay their respects to the Queen 501, Brickworks Ciderhouse held a ceremony this past Friday. Brickworks offered over 100 humans to a couple of streetcars, one of which was decades old. But before being consumed by the pair of Queen 501s, everyone got a chance to try Brickworks’ new cider.

Inspired by the eight neighborhoods the streetcar passes through, Brickworks blended eight different handpicked Ontario heritage apples together to create a semi-sweet cider called the Queen Street 501.

After everyone was taken away by the pair of Queen 501s, those of us left behind made our way to the Firkin on King, to drink more of that delicious cider obviously. Nearly an hour passes before the unthinkable happens. The two Queen 501s arrived at the Firkin on King. They were outside of their territory! Were the others not enough? Are the streetcars still hungry and came to finish us off? No.

Suddenly everyone from before starts to exit the streetcars. They were letting them go! One after another the tributes made their way to us and were greeted with cheers and a Queen Street 501s to drink. We laughed and cheered the night away.