Toronto’s Juice Craze

Considered a nutrient dense meal, cold pressed juices have become a staple food for cleansing and detoxifying diets. But these super juices aren’t just healthy. They’re delicious too, with a wide variety of ingredients. Anything from berries to honey to maple syrup can be mixed into your drink.

A great place to start trying these fancy juices is Pulp Kitchen at Queen and Broadview. This small juice bar/catering company mashup is the perfect place for people on the go. I personally want to swing by and try some of their kale and sweet potato soup. Top that off with their “Metabolic Zinger,” made with red grapefruit, ginger, apple, and strawberry, and I’m sure I’ll forget all about that slice of pizza I had for breakfast…

Plus it’s important to keep yourself healthy and hydrated, especially if you’re planning on going to any of this summer’s music fests. Just imagine you’re at a music festival. The music is pounding, the crowd is bumping, and the laser’s are, uh, lasering. But then the unthinkable happens! Your leg cramps, which is arguably the worst pain someone can ever experience. You now have no choice but to limp your way out of the crowd and leave the music behind.

This is a scary fate that can happen to any of us music festival goers, and with the epic two day Ever After EDM Music Fest starting May 30th, it’s important to physically prepare yourself. My advice? Hop on the juice train with the rest of Toronto and get yourself hydrated!

Pulp Kitchen to far from you? Check out BlogTO’s list of Juice bars found throughout Toronto:

Interested in Ever After? Check it out here!


May is here, which means Mother’s Day is approaching! Here are some fantastic gift ideas to give your mom:

1. A coffee of the month club!

2. Magic Cream that will keep her feeling pampered daily.

3. Rosé created by a mother daughter duo in Napa.

4. A beautiful flower arrangement.

5. A cute dish towel with a fun saying.

6. New set of cheese knives to bring out at book club.

7. Chic flats that will keep her feeling hip.

8. A fancy chocolate bar in her favorite flavor combination.

9. Luxe coconut bath oil that smells like summer.

10. An enamel locket that you can put a picture of yourself in.

11. The best looking finishing salt sampler.

12. A fancy lipstick that she might not buy herself.

13. A sweet card.

14. Spring/Summer pajama set for weekend lounging.